Regal Up-Do

One of the things I want for my blog is to build a huge library of photos of people with dreadlocks and natural styles done specially for formal events. If you can, help me out! Got any pictures of great natural formal hairstyles? Please send me a pic!

Peezy Headz Salon, GA

One of the first people to send me pictures of their hair was Rachel. Thank you, Rachel! She is rocking a wonderfully regal style. Her locks are medium length and she has it braided into an up do. The loose ends were shaped into a crown. Her stylist is Brittany at the Peezy Headz salon in 5 Points, Atlanta.

(Close Up)Peezy Headz Salon, GA

Portable Grills – Groom Gift Search

I’ve really really been racking my brain on the groom gift thing. My fiance is so picky that he’s super hard to shop for. 😦

We were out and about today when we stopped at a sporting goods store. While we were browsing I noticed they had two super sweet portable grills for sale. I thought they were both looked pretty sweet: portable, functional, and had pretty similar features. There was the Char-Broil 08401504 Grill2Go ICE Portable Gas Grill and the Paul Jr. Designs Coleman RoadTrip Grill.

Both of the grills are gas-powered, the only exception I could see was that the Char-Broil design allows you to put wood chips in it for smoking. Both grills are about the same height and shape, though they are different colors (the Char-Broil is red and the Coleman is black), both have wheels, and they both have a little wing on each side. The Coleman grill’s wings are chrome and textured like the step on a pick-up truck. To be honest, the major differences seem to be the design of the grate part of the grill and the fact that the Char-Broil comes with two removable 30 quart coolers (I guess this is where they get the “ice” in the product name). The grate design for the Char-Broil is pretty much a typical grill grate. The grate design for the Coleman is more like a searing grate – almost like those you can find on a gas stove top.

The most glaring difference is, of course, that the Coleman grill was designed by Paul Teutul, Jr. from American Chopper. I’m quite sure his name added a few extra dollars to the price point, lol!

Of course, once I showed the grills to my fiance, he let me know that he was perfectly happy with the grill he has and doesn’t want a new one. Why am I not surprised? LOL!

The Char-Broil Grill2Go ICE Portable Gas Grill (08401504) – $199.99 at – lists its features and description as:
•Portable gas grill with infrared cooking system and 290 square inches of grilling space
•Collapsible design; 2 wheels and lift-and-lock mechanism similar to rolling luggage
•Stay-cool lid handle; 2 side shelves; requires 1-pound LP cylinder (sold separately)
•Includes 2 removable 30-quart coolers for keeping food and beverages chilled
•Measures approximately 29 by 44-1/2 by 37-1/2 inches; 90-day limited warranty

Char-Boil Grill2Go ICE Portable Gas Grill

“Designed with on-the-go grillers in mind, this portable gas grill works as well on the back deck or patio as it does at the beach, a campsite, or tailgating parties. The collapsible unit features two durable wheels and a lift-and-lock mechanism–similar to rolling luggage–for smooth transport from one place to the next. When ready to grill, just lower the handle, extend the grill to its full height, slide on the handy side shelves, and connect the regulator and fuel tank. The grill requires a 1-pound LP cylinder for operation (sold separately), and it features Char-Broil’s patented infrared cooking system, which reduces overall cooking time, uses 1/3 less gas, and creates no exposed flames, so there are less flare-ups to worry about. The grill may cook faster and more efficiently, but it doesn’t sacrifice seared-in flavor or mouthwatering results.

Best of all, the unit provides a generous 290 square inches of grilling space for anything from hot dogs and hamburgers to salmon fillets, veggie shish-kabobs, thick slices of fresh pineapple, and other favorites. To add smoky flavor to meat and vegetables, simply drop wood chips through the grates and lower the lid using the stay- cool handle; choose from a variety of wood-smoking chips, including mesquite, hickory, alder, oak, or cherry (not included). For added convenience, the grill comes equipped with two removable coolers that sit side by side on the bottom shelf (a protective shield on the bottom of the grill keeps them safe from the heat). Each 30-quart cooler offers two easy-grip loop handles, a wrap-around zipper, and ample space for filling with ice, food, drinks, and other items that need to be kept cold. The portable gas grill measures approximately 29 by 44-1/2 by 37-1/2 inches and carries a 90-day limited warranty.”

The Paul Jr. Designs Coleman RoadTrip Grill – $229.99 at – lists its features and description as:
•From Coleman, 36-inch collapsible propane grill for use at home or on the road
•With 285 square inches cooking space, grill features porcelain-coated cast-iron grates for durability and cleaning ease
•Meats cook over 2 10,000 BTU straight burners; requires separate purchase of a 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder
•Additional features include towing handle, wheels, and detachable side tables; assembly required
The collapsed grill measures 36 by 22 by 13 inches with a shipping weight of 60 pounds; limited 5-year warranty

Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill

It’s even easier to transport, and quicker and easier to set up at a tailgate party, campsite or any other location where fun, food and friends get together. Like the original RoadTrip Grill, the LXE features authentic open flame grilling, two powerful burners that are fully adjustable, electronic ignition and uncommon cooking versatility thanks to mix-and-match cooking surface options. However, a cleverly designed new stand distinguishes the LXE model from its predecessor. The X-shaped chassis is wheeled for easy maneuvering in both the upright and collapsed-for-transport positions. It sets up quickly and provides excellent stability for cooking, thanks to the simplicity of the scissor-like leg and frame design. Two side tables integrated into the unit slide out for grilling and cooking duties, then retract under the unit in a moment’s motion for travel and storage. Because the grill is affixed to the stand and the lid features a locking mechanism, the unit is secure and steady while towing it to and from a vehicle using a convenient pull handle. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE is designed to be used completely assembled. If table top use is desired – simply hand remove the 4 plastic cap screws and start cooking! The Roadtrip Grill LXE is easy to assemble – Push on wheels and insert plastic handle and it is ready to use! New tool holders and stainless steel carry handles added for convenience. The LXE fits into most auto trunks/SUV’s.”

Teroforma Whiskey Stones – The gift for my Groom search starts

Traditionally, the bride and the groom exchange gifts prior to the wedding. Since my fiance gave me such a beautiful ring, I don’t expect an additional gift from him. But I have racked my brain to find the PERFECT gift for him (he deserves it!).

I haven’t decided what I want to give him, but I want it to be unique, something he can use, and something he’ll love. I have 65 days left to figure this out! lol

I know that this has nothing to do with hair, make up, skin care or dresses, but its my blog! LOL

One thing that I’ve run across that’s pretty sweet are Teroforma’s The Whisk(e)y Lover gift set.

The Whisk(e)y Lover gift set

The Whisk(e)y Lover gift set comes with a set of two whiskey glasses and nine soapstone ice cubes. The whole idea being that water ruins a good whiskey so why use ice? The stones are reusable, flavorless, and freezeable.

I have to admit that I adore the shape of the whiskey glasses. They are so…organic and unexpected.

From the Teroforma website:
“Being a fan of single malt scotch, Teroforma co-founder Andrew Hellman had pondered this exact question before. After a bunch of searching and testing, we came up with Whisky Stones as the answer. Based on an idea using granite that has been in existence in Scandinavia for centuries, we chose to work with natural soapstone due to its softness (won’t scratch the glass) and its unique ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time.

A few hours in the freezer and the stones are ready to complement your favorite tipple without imparting either flavor or odor.

This chance incident marked the debut of Vermont Soapstone. Realizing its unique ability to maintain warm and cool temperatures, local Vermonters began mining and milling this unusually smooth gray stone for a variety of household and cooking purposes. Today, under the careful stewardship of owner Glenn Bowman, Vermont Soapstone continues to build its unparalleled expertise as America’s original fabricators of soapstone – using many of the same techniques first formulated by the original founders.”

Cost: $60.00

Exotic Ethnic Wedding Gowns

While I have already purchased my wedding gown, I ran across some wonderful, fabulous ethnic wedding gowns online. Most of these gowns are EXOTIC and I LOVE IT!


I actually have a couple of friends who will be extremely pissed off that they missed this find, lol.

The gowns are original creations by a clothing and wedding gown designer named Therez Fleetwood (


Amalia Ball Gown

Therez Fleetwood Biography
For years, Therez has been touted as the country’s leading designer of exotic wedding dresses as she weaves cultural connections into a distinctive collection of wedding gowns inspired by Egypt, India, Morocco, South Africa, and Asia. Her gowns are created in a variety of fabrics and adorned with silver or gold lace, embroidered trims, hieroglyphics, colorful beads, trinkets, and shells.


Therez Fleetwood moves against the trends and expresses her fashion sensibilities while breaking the modern wedding mold. Her name. has become synonymous with the “exotic” wedding dress. Brides like her because her designs are unique, sexy and fun, allowing them to make a personal statement on their wedding day. Her design philosophy has redefined the perception of the “traditional” wedding gown as she creates a unique collection of dresses – most noted are her Egyptian influenced silhouettes.


Therez studied fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology and worked as a production manager in New York City. It was in this position that she fell in love with garment construction and the meticulous procedures involved in the garment making process. She worked in production for several years, honing her skills, until the perfect opportunity came her way to branch out on her own and start her own company.

Therez’s bridal gowns have been featured on the pages of several of the top fashion magazines and showcased on numerous television talk shows. Her wedding dresses have been on display in New York at the Museum of the City in the “New York Gets Married” and “Black Style Now” exhibits as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology in honor of the Black Fashion Museum.


“For years, Therez has been touted as the country’s leading designer of exotic wedding dresses as she weaves cultural connections into a distinctive collection of wedding gowns inspired by Egypt, India, Morocco, South Africa, and Asia. Her gowns are created in a variety of fabrics and adorned with silver or gold lace, embroidered trims, hieroglyphics, colorful beads, trinkets, and shells. It was her desire to travel that brought her to several countries throughout the world and it was her love of Africa, that prompted her to write, The AfroCentric Bride – A Style Guide, which provides clear, concise and helpful information for couples who choose to infuse cultural elements into their wedding. She is also the designer of the authentic kente cloth costumes worn by Mickey and Minnie Mouse made exclusively for the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resort.”

These dresses are made with luxurious fabrics and (for lack of a better word) fixtures, as well. Silks, brocades, cowrie shells, cloth of gold – this is not your mother’s wedding dress!