Groom’s Gifts – Custom Action Figures

Well, I’ve struck out with my Groom’s Gifts ideas so far. But since I’ve got wedding wire, I’ve got another idea, lol! I got a great idea from a bride on WW but the bad part about this idea is that I already know it’s not going to work. I know it’s not going to work since it doesn’t fit into my major parameters for a fiancé gift: unique, useable, and loveable. It IS unique – but the other two? Maybe it’ll work for some other bride…

This week’s Groom’s Gift idea: the customizable action figure!

It’s really cool, to be honest. The website That’s My Face allows you to create custom action figures. The options are amazing and wide-ranging. What you do is give a picture of your loved one. What you get is a pre-designed action figure (options available) and the head looks just like them! It also comes with clothing and any weapons or supplies that are typical for the outfit the figure is wearing.

There are options for a 4” action figure, a 6” action figure and a 12” action figure.

A 4” action figure (currently) starts at $79.99. There is a $30 additional fee if you want your figure to be “African American.” There is one figure named “Big Black” that I think my fiancé would love. Since the figure starts as black I’m assuming there is no additional skin color fee (how ironic is that??). Now to add hair. Bald figures have no additional fee, but if you want sculpted hair (think Ken Doll) then there is a $10 fee. If you want wig hair there is a $30 fee. The major issue is that there is a $150 fee for any hairstyle they don’t have as “stock.” Guess what isn’t “stock?” That’s right, dreadlocks 😦

My man keeps his hair cut short so I guess I could do it as a baldie. That would make Big Black $79.99 plus shipping and handling for me.

Big Black with weapons - $79.99

Knowing my man, he’d want something a little different – 4” is pretty small.

The 6” action figure currently starts at $99.00. There are none that start as black.

moveable parts details

The 12” action figure starts at $129.00 but that’s more like it! I would want that one for my baby.

There is a special 12” figure called “Custom Plus Male” that starts at $160.00. It’s totally custom except for tailored clothes and tattoos. I know that my fiancé would like to have his figure bristling with guns and wearing all black. Since it is custom PLUS (lol) you can pick any military uniform during any time period and it comes with weapons or whatever is specific to that uniform. This one, I love. It’d be great for my fiancé and for my brother as gifts. It takes an average of 14-25 days for it to process so don’t wait till the last minute.

Custom Plus Male starting at $160