The Busy Bride Manicure

I call this manicure “The Busy Bride” because it’s for women (or men!) who want/need to do a manicure but really don’t have time for a thorough one. It’s pretty simple and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Unlike a traditional manicure, this manicure is covering just the basics. It’s great when you need to get your nails cute and ready to go but doesn’t have the pampering effect of a traditional or luxurious manicure.

What you need:
• small bowl
• Warm water
• Hand soap
• Orange stick
• Cuticle oil/vitamin e oil
• Creamy lotion
• Nail file
• Cuticle nippers
• Polish remover
• Polish (top and bottom coat plus color if needed)

Always start a manicure (or pedicure for that manner!) by removing any nail polish that you may have on your hands. After removing the polish, make sure all of your nails are cut to your chosen length. You also want to check your fingers closely for the beginnings of hang nails. If you see any, clip them with the cuticle nippers. Do not cut the cuticles themselves.

Fill your bowl with the warm water and a little hand soap. You don’t need a lot of soap, just enough for a few bubbles. Soak your fingers in the water (making sure your cuticles are covered by the water) for no more than 3 minutes.

Remove your hand from the water. Taking the orange stick, push the cuticle back on each nail, making sure to move the orange stick around the base of the nail bed in small circular motions to remove any additional dead skin. Clean off your nails by dipping them back into the water.

Put a drop of cuticle oil/Vitamin E oil on each cuticle. Gravity should encourage the oil to slide down the base of the nail bed and coat the entire cuticle. Massage in the oil for a few moments and then dip your hand back into the soapy water to remove the oil. If you are not 100% sure the oil is gone from the nail bed, take an orange stick, wrap a piece of cotton around one end and wipe off your nails.

To begin polishing your nails, start with a base coat. Always apply a base coat, even if you don’t use colored polish. Begin with a single stroke of polish down the middle of the nail, then an additional single stroke on each side of the nail. This should cover your entire nail. Let the coat dry.

If you like color in your nail polish, you would apply that between your bottom and top coats. Color polish requires 2-3 coats with a drying time between each coat. The darker the polish color the more coats you need to apply.

Once the polish is dry(ish), do your top coat, allowing your nails to dry to touch.

After you have completed your manicure and your polish is completely dry, put lotion on your hands and then oil your cuticles one additional time.

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