Natural Hair Basics

This page is Under Construction

This will be a complete guide to basic natural hair and dreadlock hair care maintenance. This guide will not include a lot of complicated styles – for that you will need to visit a natural hair care salon.

If you would like to see something not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

Transitions – Under Construction
How to go natural
Differences between chemically treated hair and natural hair
Should I do a “Big Chop”?

Natural Hair Care Basics
Rinsing with cool water
Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC)
Why use AVC Rinses

“Locks” Basics – Under Construction
How to start dreadlocks
Necessary tools
Basic dreadlock maintenance: Palm Rolling
Basic dreadlock maintenance: Lock Lacing
What are Wet Sets
Wet Set: Braided Bob
Wet Set: Braidout
Wet Set: Roller set 1 – A “Riot” of Curls
Wet Set: Roller set 2 – Spirals

“Knots” Basics – Under Construction
Two Strand Twists
Twist Out
Comb Twists

Homemade Hair Care Recipes – Under Construction
Honey Mayo Protein Hair Mask
All Natural Olive Hot Oil Treatments
Rosemary Lavender AVC Rinse
Brightening Lemon Hair Rinse


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