Coochy Cream – Product Trial

Couldn’t resist that name, lol! I’m always on the search for the next great product, so when one of my girls from WW told me about this new shaving cream, well…let’s just say I was intrigued.

Coochy Cream is a shaving lotion created by a company named Classic Erotica. It was formulated to be gentle to sensitive skin areas, give a close shave, and claims to be usable as a hair conditioner, too. There are five different scents (lavender, plumeria, pear berry, green tea, and fragrance free) but I chose the original. They come in several sizes (1oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz), as well. I purchased the 16oz size and I have been using it for about a month now. I would say about 1/8th is gone and I still have a pretty full bottle. I never stint when trying new products, so I’m not going light on the lotion at all.

It comes in a pump bottle just like lotion. When you get a squirt out, it’s white-ish but in a cloudy kind of way. It doesn’t look or feel thick but it does feel very moisturizing. When I smooth it on my skin, it feels like I have a layer of lotion sitting right on top of my skin. While this stuff feels like lotion it doesn’t act like lotion.

The product instructions state that it can be used as a hair conditioner. It is MUCH thinner than the conditioners I use on a regular basis. I’ve never tried it as a hair conditioner…don’t think I will any time soon, either.

I did try it on my most sensitive area and I wasn’t impressed. I got shave bumps immediately. After that, I decided to try it on other body parts – my legs and underarms. My underarms seem to be the same as they always were – not noticeable difference there.

I am VERY impressed with my legs. Before I started using Coochy Cream my legs were very dry from all the shaving. I noticed a difference about the 2nd time I used it. My legs weren’t as dry as they normally are after shaving. Each time I shave now, it seems my legs get a little softer.

I got my bottle from

Cost: $11.65 + S&H

Coochy Cream 16oz


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