My favorite wedding dresses that didn’t make the cut, Pt. 1

I tried on tons and tons of wedding dresses. To be honest, at one point I thought I wasn’t going to ever find the dress I really wanted to be married in. I’m not going to post a picture of the dress I chose (until after the wedding!) but there were a LOT of contenders! I’m going to post my favorites from each bridal salon – dresses that I seriously considered buying.

Carina’s Bridal Atelier
The first bridal salon I went to was David’s Bridal. It was pretty horrible. Carina’s Bridal Atelier was the second dress experience. David’s Bridal compared to Carina’s was night and day. The dressing rooms were huge and comfortable. The staff was friendly and the dresses were absolutely beautiful. There were so many unique and beautiful dresses there that I was just amazed. To be honest, I would rank Carina’s Bridal Atelier as on of the best in the DC Metro area – and I think I went to almost all of them! LOL

One of my favorite dresses that I don’t have pictured here (since I wouldn’t have been allowed to buy it, no one but me liked it) was designed by an architect. It had a fabulous multi-layer train, yum! I really really liked a lot of her dresses In fact, I found one that I LOVED and really thought it was THE ONE. Ha! At $4300, I think I’d bumped my head, lol. I can’t remember all the prices dress models since it’s been a while but if you like the dress, just contact Carina’s Bridal Atelier and I’m sure they’ll recognize it.


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