A lot of women want long flowing hair and long strong nails with a gleaming white tip. Unfortunately for us, nature does not always show us off to the best of our abilities. In this quest for longer hair and nails, women (and men) have tried almost everything: weaves braids, tracks, false nails, overlays, and medications. These methods can be time consuming, costly, and have unwanted repercussions.

One safe method that is available is the vitamin supplement Biotin. Biotin may be an answer for fingernails that are weak, split, chip, and peel.

Biotin is one of eight essential vitamins that comprise the B-complex. Like all of the members of the B-complex, biotin plays an important role in energy metabolism, acting as a coenzyme in chemical reactions that produce energy. Nails and hair are primarily made of a protein named Keratin and so Biotin should increase nail and hair thickness and length up to 25%.

Although there are currently no known side effects to a high biotin intake, always discuss any new supplement use with a doctor first. While Biotin may not have any adverse side effects, there are repercussions to using this vitamin. The hair on your body will grow at a higher rate as well. Your shaving or other body hair removal system will need to be increased in frequency.

I’m one of the lucky people who have a rather white nail tip. My issue is that my nails are brittle and flake. They are rather thin and sharp (kinda like a baby). I use Biotin to help my nails both grow and to (hopefully) give my nails a little extra thickness. I’ve used biotin before but stopped because I’m not great with remembering to take my vitamins. I’m starting again so I’ll have an update for this in about 3 weeks or so.

I bought my bottle of biotin from GNC for about $7.99 (that’s what I paid, but I didn’t order it, I bought it in store). It’s 600 mcg and I think I’ll take two a day.

Biotin 600


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