Rx for Brown Skin

Back in January 2010 I was in Sephora (again – seems like my favorite place!) looking for facial cleanser. My regular brand of cleanser was Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) and I loved the Blemish Buffing Beads. I get adult acne so this stuff was a God-send. After about 2 weeks my face started to clear up and I was officially a fan. Unfortunately for me within 2 months my skin was clear but super dry. It was starting to flake around my nose and the skin got tight. This – of course – is in addition to the fact that my skin was still oily (how does that happen??). I had to start hunting for another, more delicate cleaner.

So, I’m in Sephora looking for a new PTR product when I noticed a new product was right beside my PTR. It was RX for Brown Skin by Dr. Susan Taylor. I was intrigued and asked for a sample. I took it home and used the entire sample (not normal for me). It lasted about a week and was PERFECT. I loved the gentleness of the cleanser as well as how soft my skin felt during and after washing. Of course I immediately go back to Sephora and pick up a bottle of the Bright and Clear cleanser (for acne). I’ve been using the cleaner now for about 5 months and I love it! It’s not instantaneous – it takes a while to balance out your skin and get rid of the acne (I’d say about 3 weeks or so). I use it in conjunction with my tried and true PTR (exfoliate at least once a week). I don’t have any of the other Rx for Brown Skin products (toner, moisturizer, etc) so I saved up some money and decided to go back to Sephora and bite the bullet to get the full line.

Would you know, to my disgust, that the dang company is going out of business!! I can’t say WHY the company is going out of business, I’ve searched high and low and can’t find any “official” notification as to why the company is going out of business. The only thing I can assume is that the company didn’t make enough sales to stay afloat.

But that left me in a dilemma. I need facial cleanser. Mine should be running out rather shortly and I really wanted to get the toner, too (I currently use witch hazel as a toner – works pretty good). I have no real interest in looking for a new facial cleanser this close to my wedding – everyone knows the trials and tribulations of finding the right facial cleanser!

I ended up spending about 2 days searching for some of my cleanser. Finally found two bottles (only) on ebay. So I bought both of the bottles! They should be here in a few days. The bottles hold a pretty good amount of cleanser so I should be good past my wedding date. After that I’ll be more ok with experimenting with a new cleanser. I found bottles of the toner and the moisturizer on Amazon.com. I’ll pick up those later. To be honest, I’m a little concerned about the moisturizer – I’ve read on other websites that it has an expiration date.

Rx for Brown Skin


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