Bikini Wax Update

The day after my wax, I still wasn’t feeling up to par. I almost always go bare or wear thongs only – but not today! LOL The crack of my %$# hurts. LOL I don’t remember waxing being this painful before, but I was in college the first time I did this and I wore this loose dress made out of t-shirt fabric (dang, where IS that dress? I loved that thing).

I talked to my WW girls about waxing (and in-grown hairs) and one of the ladies mentioned using deodorant. I’ve never heard of this before so I had to go look it up. The first thing I thought of (when speaking of deodorant) was “yeast infection!” But it seems not to be the case. You can find an article that talks about using deodorant here.

There are several other places to get bikini waxes here in DC – a few of which I have tried. Most of them are a lot more expensive but I can’t remember this much tenderness. Plus I have what seems to be a lot of broken hairs…

So my fiance told me last night that he is completely comfortable with me shaving using clippers (and saving the $$ on waxing). I really don’t like using clippers because I always have stubble. I think I’m going to try some other things to give me the smooth like an egg feeling without all this pain!


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