Brazilian Bikini Wax – Fusion Salon

Caution – This is TMI (Too Much Information)

Oooh, boy! I got a Brazilian bikini wax today. Let me tell you!! Its been years since I’ve suffered this type of self-torture. I forgot how bad it really is. At least the first time. I made her stop, lol! 99.99% is gone but there are stray hairs here and there that she wanted to wax (and then pluck). I was like Hell to the nawl! This girl’s va-jay-jay needs some rest!

I have had bikini waxes before. I’ve lost skin before, too. And my hair there (like on my head) is pretty thick. The person who completed this service for me, Debbie, normally does my eye brows (great) which is why I went to her for this. She did it in small patches cause I was so scared. Debbie was very calm and she kept a steady stream of conversation to put me at my ease and distract me but I’m a wussy and would tense up every time I even thought she was going for the cloth to pull. She would put her hand on my skin to pull the skin taut – but it still hurt 😦

Yeah, it hurt so bad that I started sweating. Everywhere. There are a few small patches of skin gone, too but nothing too bad. No real bleeding. I’m all swollen and red. And I’ll make sure I don’t wear any panties the next time I do this. But I was smart and wore a skirt at least.

I think I’ll have a cool shower tonight and then see what happens LOL. It’s still not happy with me but I took some pain killers. Mostly I’m ok but I’m wearing lace panties and it’s not fun.

The thing I like best is that I did this now and didn’t wait till the week before the wedding to get the first waxing done.


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