Fusion Day Spa

I work in downtown Washington, DC. If you know DC, then you know that traffic here leaves a lot to be desired. With traffic so bad, it’s really hard to get any type of personal business done during the work week. I can’t really get anything done in my hour lunch break since I really can’t go anywhere.

How GREAT is it that there is a full service “spa” salon right downtown and near my job! I can walk over to Fusion anytime I want, which is what made me stop by to begin with.

I stopped by Fusion Day Spa because I was in desperate need of some eyebrow care. Years and years of waxing too thin have thinned out the hair at the ends of my brows – so from a distance I look like my eyebrows disappear in the middle of my eye. I really needed someone to help nurse my eyebrows back to life.

The person I see is Debbie. She’s really friendly, great to talk to, and she owns the shop! I always get treated really well 🙂

Debbie has done a great job in helping to grow back my eyebrows. Since I’m missing so much hair, I get it done no more than once a month. In fact, I try to let it grow out as much as possible (til I look like what I call a hair monster, lol) so that she has more hair to work with.


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