Avon Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System

Like all women I want to look flawless on my wedding day. This, or course, means that every single flaw that has ever bothered me is now the only thing I can see in the mirror. One of these things are the dark bags/circles under my eyes.

When I first got engaged I thought the MUA (Make Up Artist) I used would simply cover it with concealer and that would be that. THEN I had my first MUA trial. *shudder* As I’ve said several times, he made me look like an aging drag queen. Thus my quest for clearer skin BEFORE makeup was born. The way I figure it, the better my skin looks before the makeup, the less makeup needed. My skin care regimen got real tight after that MUA Trial.

One of the major issues I have with my skin are the dark circles under my eyes. I guess that they are hereditary since my mom has them under her eyes, too.

After asking my Wedding Wire girls (gotta love WW!) and receiving LOTS of great ideas, I decided to try Avon’s Reversalist system for two reasons: 1) it seemed to get great reviews and 2) it fit my budget :-).

I ordered my Reversalist from Amazon.com (another one of my favorite online shopping sites!) and when I got it I was a little surprised. It was called a “system” and so I expected a kit of some sort. Imagine my surprise when I got one piece. I was confused for a little while (the picture I found for this blog entry was an updated picture. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was due to customer complaint).

The eye cream (to be used morning and night) is IN the container and the top of the container contains the “veil.” The veil – which seems to be a cream-type eye shadow – is a neutral but golden color and you are supposed to rub this stuff under your eyes and “Voila!” your eyes look brighter. Until an hour later when the veil obviously settled into the fine lines under my eyes.

I did try just rubbing the veil around under my eyes when it settled but that required me to check myself constantly in the mirror all day. Boooo!

Then I tried re-application but this, too, required contact mirror contact.

After about a month, I decided to try a new eye cream. I gave the rest in the jar to my mom.

Cost: $14.59
S&H: $4.99
Total Cost: $ 19.58

Anew Reversalist


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