Twist it Sista

My standby! I have been a customer (off and on) here for years. The staff is friendly, a person answers the phone, and they have set prices. Guess what? It’s usually easy to get a quick appointment, too.

I call Twist It Sista and get an appointment for Saturday. I told my stylist that I wanted to do a wedding trial but I had no idea what style to get.

Once I get there, my stylist (Patrice) and I talk about styles. Once she saw a picture of my wedding gown she suggested an up do. Now, I have to be honest and admit that I never wear my hair up. Its always down. Down and curly, down and straight, down and to the side – the one constant is that it’s always down. My fiancée prefers my hair down, I prefer my hair down.

So, I let Patrice talk me into trying my hair up. It ‘s a style called a “Pin-Up.” I can’t really say I like it. It’s tight – very tight on my scalp. My scalp isn’t used to this type of stress. By the time I got home from the salon my scalp had begun to swell. It seems a little lopsided to me, too.

THIS IS NOT A WINTER APPROVED HAIRSTYLE!!! Even if I did love this style, I would NEVER wear it during a winter nuptial! My scalp is COLD! It’s not a functional hairstyle for me, either. It’s not comfortable for sleeping and my hair is so heavy that it’s pulling out all the pins.

I’m going to the store today to get more hairpins. I normally don’t wear them, but they are a necessity today. I want to make this style last until next weekend at least! For some reason, I think that it’s coming down before then…

I can say that this style doesn’t live very well for me. I can see the appeal in the style – I have a lot of hair and she made it basically disappear. It would be a great hairstyle for my honeymoon, too. All pulled back and pinned up out of the way. I can see getting less sand in my hair and not have a mini-afro after my hair gets wet. Since we plan to go where it’s warm, my scalp would be okay, too.

Cost: $70 lock maintenance+ $25 style
Total Cost: $95 + tip


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