Cornrows & Co

I’m from NC, so when I decided to start going to different hair salons to start my hair trials, I called my sister, YahZarah Purple St. James. She was raised here and knows the salons to go to. First suggestion: Cornrows and company. Cornrows and company has been in business for 28 years. They have a pretty good name in the business as well as being involved in the political and business rights of natural hair care specialists across the nation.

Step One: Make an appointment
Trying to get a hair appointment is the WORSE!! First you have this horrible phone message that takes forever! I was on the phone listening to a message for over 5 minutes!!! It was infuriating. Why can’t they answer their phones? I mean really?
It is possible to make an appointment online, but you have to be a current customer. All new customers must call the salon and sit through their long and torturous phone message.

In order to make an appointment, you are required to make a hair consultation appointment first. Fee: $25.00. What??! Or you can “walk-in” and hope for an appointment. Ouch. Speaking of fees, how much do they charge for maintenance and style? It starts at $45 the first hour and $30 every half hour after that. WOW! Do they include drying time with that? Since it takes my hair about 2-3 hours to dry and usually about 1 ½ – 2 hours to do… we’re looking at $135.00 before tip! I hope it’s worth it!

So, I finally get through to a real person to make an appointment. Once I explain who I am, how long my hair is, the name of my last salon and my blood type – she asks me what I want. I tell her that I’m looking for styles for my wedding. She tells me I need to speak to Corene. Corene is the lock stylist specialist. Great!

Appointments? Not till the 28th. I can get on the stand by list for Saturday. Great!

I have the sneaking suspicion that I need to make a back up appointment with my regular stylist. Can’t look a mess just to wait for an appointment.


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