This should be easy…

I recently got engaged! (Please, hold your applause lol) We got officially engaged on 05/12/09 and immediately I jumped head first into wedding planning. It was going to be fabulous, it was going to be beautiful, and it was going to be traditional. Traditional. From a girl with locks. Ok, this should be easy.

First I started with my dress. Gotta have the dress. I combed through the internet with a fine tooth comb. I saw hundreds of dresses online. I saw THOUSANDS of dresses online. I progressed to bridal salons. I dragged my best friend to at least 10-15 different bridal salons where I proceeded to try on at least 100 more dresses.

Then I found it: the dress of my dreams. Great! On to the next item: my hair. This should be easy!
My hair is natural. I have locks to the center of my back. I’ve worn my hair in this style for 8-10 years. I was feeling confident that I would have a fabulous hairstyle that matched my fabulous dress. I wanted a style that would make me feel glamorous, beautiful and special on my wedding day while still keep with my personality.

I started looking online. Googled “lock hairstyles.” Got much of nothing, some photos of Whoopi Goldberg, a couple random women with locks and a bunch of pics of people with no locks. So I googled “natural bridal hair” and got even less! I even found a site called “” and found FOUR pictures of hairstyles. Now I’m getting frustrated. After spending hours online looking for hairstyles for women with locks I was done!

This wasn’t easy at all.

So, I decided to find bridal hairstyles for people with locks on my own. This is going to be a long and bumpy ride. Ready to go?


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